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  1. Call Our Latest Show Case Operators Now!

    June 22, 2015 by admin

    Mommy Milf Liz

    Mommy Milf Liz

    (877) 814-6794

    Ext : 134180
    Rate : $1.29 / min



    (877) 814-6794

    Ext : 100434
    Rate : $1.25 / min

    Extreme Age Play Melinda

    Extreme Age Play Melinda

    (877) 814-6794

    Ext : 107801
    Rate : $1.69 / min

  2. Call Our Latest Show Case Operators Now!

    June 22, 2015 by admin

    Riley Rose - Age Play

    Riley Rose – Age Play

    (877) 814-6794

    Ext : 111168
    Rate : $1.25 / min



    (877) 814-6794

    Ext : 102038
    Rate : $1.19 / min

    Two Pumps One Squirt Piper!

    Two Pumps One Squirt Piper!

    (877) 814-6794

    Ext : 107262
    Rate : $1.10 / min

  3. School Girl Sugar

    July 12, 2012 by admin

    Sugar Phone Sex

    Location: Australia – Victoria, Melbourne Phone Sex

    They call me Sugar and I sure do taste as sweet as candy but don’t despair; I am a dirty girl.

    I’m very passionate about what I do when I’m with you, so share your fantasy and together lets go on an erotic journey where we both will make it come ALIVE.

    I enjoy being submissive and having a good master to dominate me and make me his little slave, tie me up and paddle my bottom, you know I belong to you, I’m all yours, your Australian teen babe play toy. I like you to be in control whether you are sensually seducing me or taking me to the ultimate hardcore destination.

    So look into my eyes and lead me astray…………. dial my number, I’m here waiting for you now you know.

    ★ remember I really play when I’m on a call.

  4. Milf Betty

    July 12, 2012 by admin

    Betty Phone Sex New Zealand

    Location: New Zealand, Auckland Phone Sex

    Hi the best way to describe me is I’m a mother and a wife……husband goes away a lot on golfing weekends and unexpected meetings, late nights in the office with this wench secretary need I say more.

    My name is Betty and I’m seeking married men, mature men, and toy boys.

    No-strings attached kind of relationships.

    Call Me…I’m a super horny sex Goddess and you can remember me as BBB “Betty Big Boobs”

    Please see the clock on the PussyTown website for what time it is here, I’m in New Zealand and I’m available most times from 1:00pm to very late at night. ….unless hubby’s decided to come home early….in which case I might whisper ok.

  5. Gila Daddy’s Girl

    July 12, 2012 by admin

    Gila Daddy's Girl

    Location: United States America – Kansas City, Kansas Phone Sex

    I’m a city girl with a sweet innocent sounding voice, even though I am naughty. Seeking Men to play with……..come and play with me. I love the company of older men. I want to lead you to my secret garden. Its a great bush…..I ‘m sure you’d love to play in it.

    All your secret fantasies are safe with me….I won’t tell a soul. I am a very open minded girl, and I have no taboo’s. I have a few dirty secrets of my own. I would love to share my secrets with you! I have done things, girls my age consider gross or too dirty.

    So, what are you waiting for Daddy ? Call me!

    Daddy’s Girl Gila

  6. Teen Babysitter Nela

    July 12, 2012 by admin

    Every Daddy's favorite Baby Sitte

    Location: United States America –

    I love being everyone’s favourite babysitter and I think I know why…I guess it’s because, the Dad’s just love the way I’m able to handle them when we’re in his bedroom together while his daughter takes a nap…If you want me to be your babysitter, just call me and I’ll become your favourite babysitter too!

    I also am secretly a Daddy’s girl and I love it when he treats me like the Princess he knows I am!

    I love it when my Daddy cums into my bed at night and plays with my tight wet pussy with his huge, hard cock…I also love it when Daddy’s friends and clients come over because he dresses me up real nice and his friends get to play with me too!!!!

  7. Sexy Goddess Porcha

    July 12, 2012 by admin

    Sexy Goddess Porcha

    Location: Australia – Victoria, Melbourne Phone Sex

    Hi guys this is Porcha I’m a dancer and a nude model. I have long brunette hair, hazel eyes, complete with a nice big ass and luscious lips. I love pleasing my man, so if your reading this, listen to my voice sample, and give me a call.

    I love ocean blue, collecting seashells, holidays, modelling and nudity =P

    Let me entertain you.

  8. Mistress Molly Rules

    July 12, 2012 by admin

    Mistress Molly Rules

    Location: Australia – New South Wales, Sydney Phone Sex

    Sexually seductive, Mistress Molly, you’ll never tire of my luscious lips or delicate delights, erotically scrumptious; everything about me is in complete proportion. Come a little closer slave, divine pleasure can be yours if you do exactly what I say, from start to finish.

    I most definitely like to be in control.  I know what I want and I have always known how to get it. All during my high school and college years I had many submissive men who followed me around like a love sick puppies and would do whatever I demanded of them.  And I do mean ANYTHING!

    I am insatiable.  A true nymphomaniac.  Always searching for hotter, better, wetter, bigger, kinkier slaves to serve me.  I like being the center of attention, pampered and spoiled in the manner I so richly deserve.  The other side of that coin though is that I am willing to go the extra mile to look after my slaves.

    There are no restrictions with my service and I like to consider myself as extremely versatile sexually, so I am game for any fantasy you may have in mind.  Ur libido will run wild and free me now, strictly phone me lol u know ur destiny is mine, and don’t forget to address me “Mistress Molly” and bring ur tool kit mother fucker or I will get really mad!

    I’m going to hear u moan.  Oh yes, the pleasure it’s all mine.

  9. Age Play Heidi

    July 6, 2012 by admin

    Heidi - Phone Sex

    Location: Australia – Victoria, Melbourne Phone Sex

    Hello guys. I am Hedvika but you can call me Heidi because I know it is easier to say Heidi. I only turn 18 last month.

    I am from Europe. I came from Italy and my mother also taught me Swedish. I lived in Terni, Italy all my life until I move to Australia this year to learn in the university.

    I think it good to have an accent on here, because I give you something new and something different to the American girls on the site.

    So many people here think I am straight, sweet and vanilla BUT I just get so horny. I need to talk to men like YOU here.

    Now I am all grown up and I have a fetish for older men, and those more experienced men. I like ageplay fantasies. I am so excited. I am newly 18, horny and love dirty chat.


    xx Heidi

  10. Naughty Teen Dani

    July 6, 2012 by admin

    Naughty Teen Dani

    Well I have a sweet voice and sexy little young body, I’m a very naughty little prick tease, and full of surprises for all you Daddy’s out there, come on Daddy, come play with me. I need you to teach me all the ways to make a daddy like you happy.

    I am your kinky play ground for all your nasty fantasys and would love to watch you on cam.

    ★ Oh and to you boys out there, I’m fresh out of school, single and available!

    Try me, I promise you will like me MWAH!
    Your typical Aussie attention seeking brat ★giggles★

    NSW, (New South Wales) Australia.

    Age Play